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Water Damage

The skilled technicians at Philip White Water Restoration specialize in water damage restoration. Standing water can lead to mold growth and structural damage, and untreated water damage can create hazardous conditions. We are available 24/7 to address any water and flooding emergencies. Contact Philip White Water Restoration for water damage repair in Conway, FL.

Soft Roof Washing

When cleaning your home using conventional methods, a pressure washer is typically employed to remove dirt and grime. However, when it comes to roof cleaning, it is crucial to use low pressure to avoid damaging the shingles. At Philip White Water Restoration, we utilize soft-wash systems to gently clean your roof without causing shingle damage, which could result in leaks and interior damage if not done correctly.

Painting Services

After years of exposure to the elements, the exterior of your home may require a fresh coat of paint. Philip White is your painting contractor in Conway. Request a residential painting estimate and breathe new life into your home!

Residential Restoration Services

When your home requires repairs, your first priority is ensuring your family’s safety. In times of disaster, call Philip White Water Restoration. Our team will come to your Conway residence and assess the damage. Whether it’s water damage, fire and smoke damage, or mold damage, the experts at Philip White Water Restoration can restore your home to its former glory, or even better!

Commercial Property Restoration

Commercial properties can be extensive and challenging to maintain. If a fire, leak, or other disaster affects your business premises, contact us to repair the damage. Philip White Water Restoration offers commercial restoration services in Conway, FL. Fire, water, and mold can pose significant threats to your business and customers, so don’t hesitate to call us as soon as property damage occurs.

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Our Certifications

What Our Customers Say

Philip and his crew were awesome. They responded quickly. They were courteous and supportive. Very professional. They explained the process and kept me in informed of everything along the process. I have a busy schedule and they work around my schedule to get the work done. Love them . I would definitely recommend them too anyone in need of their services. I would use them again.

-Lourdes N.

What Our Customers Say

The insurance company told me it would be 24 hours before someone was at the house. I called Philip White instead and he and his team were at our house in under an hour. Amazing response time, started pumping out the water immediately. Very hard working and honest. Extremely knowledgeable about the whole process, not just of flood response but also how to proceed with the next steps. I would recommend Phil and his team without hesitation to anyone in a similar situation.

-Benjamin M.

What Our Customers Say

Great experience!!!!! Top notch company. If I ever had another issue, they are first ones I call!! Fast response time in emergency situation!!

-Chris S.

What Our Customers Say

We had a pipe leak in a bedroom wall that flooded the bedroom and bathroom. We found a plumber to stop the leak but the damage was huge. Philip was able to come out within hours of us finding the leak and start water remediation. half the walls and all flooring had to be removed. They did a great job of insuring the damage did not get any worse. Had we waited until the insurance companies preferred vendor could come out it would have been another 24 to 48 hours of the water soaking in the walls. Thank you Philip!

-Holly L.

What Our Customers Say

Woke up to our house flooding, our brand new wood floors ruined. Phil was to our house within an hour and helped guide us through the entire process. He came out every day, at the time he stated he would and walked us through the house, showing us the progress that was happening. He was very patient with our questions and incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of reconstruction and repairs. I would highly recommend him. He offered a knowledgeable and reassuring hand during an incredibly stressful event.


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